As proud to make history as they are to make burgers.


  • Creative Direction/ Ideation

  • Graphic Design

  • Press Kit Design

  • Assembly

  • Drop Ship Services 


McDonald's, the infamous brand, releases products to continue to entice their growing customer base. Before marketing products to the world, McDonald's is big on spreading each golden experience with their internal staff. To do so, they required a creative printed press kit to be distributed that provided pertinent information and details of the exciting new venture.

An initial meeting was scheduled to grasp the approach and message the client wanted to convey for both press kit projects, the launch of the annual Monopoly game and the Breakfast Burrito. During this meeting, a timeline of project was determined and stakeholders were identified.  I developed 2 creative, but functional concepts that were aligned with the McDonald brand and the new products being released.  After the selection of the final designs and completing the requested edits, I worked with my team of external vendors to bring the designs to life within the designated timeline. Both pieces required a special die cut and other features that were vetted through the mock up process.

The final steps were assembling the press kits for all 5,000 US employees and providing drop ship service to ensure all press kits were delivered to each employee.

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