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KGBERRY believes it is as important to embrace what you are known for, as it is to epitomize what you stand for – to master what you do, and to often evaluate why you do it. 


As KGBERRY builds their brand, they explore ways to reach conscious companies to assist in navigating change and culture. To concisely connect with their target audience, the owner required a website refresh with a UX focus, a media kit, social media + digital strategy to build brand awareness.


  • Logo Design

  • Media Kit

  • Website / UX Focus

  • Social Media + Digital Strategy


 To better identify the ideal client for KGBERRY, a persona was created to determine the target audience and we tailored all designs and strategies based from the persona.  A complete website audit was conducted to determine what changes could be implemented for better user experience. I focused on optimizing the home page and adding a more functional mobile version.


From there, several tactics were implemented including a Facebook ad, email marketing campaign and graphics to pair with each tactic. (Examples shown below)

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