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Bred+Butr blends creative intellect, strategic excellence with marketing and business know-how to work with you to deliver results.


  • Logo + Alternate Logo Design

  • Brand Style Guide

  • Printing Services  


Bred+Butr is a creative design firm dedicated to assisting clients develop sustainable brands and believes presentation is everything. To present each of their clients new brand effectively, they requested a crisp brand style guide that exhibited the perfect combination of a coffee book and a  beautiful design piece that includes all the elements of a brand.


A 24-page lookbook brand style guide using the Bred+Butr branding elements. The brand style guide showcased Bred+Butr's logo, alternative logo, typography, color palette and much more. 

Not only was the style guide used for their brand, it also serves as a prototype for their own client brands that they will provide. (Examples shown below)

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